Stately Gates

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Wood Clad Gates:

Our range of wood clad gates are set within a 40 mm box section frame, with flat bar supports on the back, which means that the wood cannot swell or warp, meaning your gates will always open and close perfectly.

The wood used is Thermowood, which is heat treated using its own resins, which makes it stronger than most other softwood. For more information on this wood and our gates then please contact us.

Thermowood can be left untreated for a stunning looking gate, however depending on your preference there are other finishes that we can provide.

Composite Gates

Composite Clad Gates:

Wood Clad Gates

Like the wood gates above, our composite wood gates are made in the same format with a steel frame and supports. The composite wood has a superb feel to it and has an incredibly realistic finish.

Composite wood is a great replacement for wood for a number of reasons, some of them being:

If you think that this is a product you would be interested in, then why not pop in and see our office staff for more information and to see some samples.